While the rudder is removed I thought it would be good give it some love. It would have been preferable to do a complete buildup with proper profiles, but I didn’t have time and knowledge to do that so I focused on fixing the largest bumps and also making a sharp and proper edge on the back of the rudder. I also extended it upwards about 2cm to get a better fit against the hull.

It was a lot more work than anticipated. The result is OK but far from perfect.

Really lousy shape..

We’ve had a grinding noise from time to time emanating from the rudder, this was most likely from the brass fitting eating into the rudder! I’ve now rebuilt both the rudder and mounting with epoxy filler so hopefully it’ll last a few years. The brass mount was corroded so it got some filler as well.

Some fine grinding and it should be OK

A big issue doing boatstuff here in Sweden is the climate – it’s too cold. A lot of time is spent arranging a proper environment for the epoxy to harden. To get a chance for the primer to harden before launching we built a small isolated cubicle in our shed so we can paint the whole rudder at the same time.

Painting will be done this week and then we’ll remount the rudder next saturday before launching on sunday.

1.5mm edge