After a lot of work trying to rebuild the rudder to some degree of symmetry, it was painted with 8 layers of epoxyprimer. Then some grinding with 240 paper. After that antifouling which in turn was grinded with 400+1000 paper. It is now far from perfect but quite a lot better than before.

Finally done.

Time to remount the rudder with the new rudder bearings, the day before launching.. No room for mishaps. Using Sikaflex we mounted the bottom bearing and started pushing the rudder upwards. It got stuck with about 1cm left… Really idiotic mistake – we’d spilled some paint on the heartstock… Lowering the rudder the bearing was stuck on it and voila – sikaflex everywhere…

Stickiest compound on Earth?

Luckily, good friends Fredrik and Agneta dropped by to say hello and was quickly set to work. After all, there’s no such thing as free lunch 😉 With the help of Fredrik we got the rudder all the way through just so see that there was still 4-5mm missing. WTF?! And it turns out I’ve made the rudder to big trying to get a tighter fit against the hull. Sigh… Down with it again and started grinding the top down bit by bit.

The operation took almost a whole day thanks to these pretty stupid mistakes.. But eventually it was remounted, a lot tighter to the hull than before, and with a better finish and symmetry.

Remounted snugly against the hull.

One small issue remains, and that is the top bearing which was a bit to long, it needs to be shortened about 3cm. Mounting that while in the sea should not be a problem though.