This weekend we sailed the Kolfiberrodret (Carbon Fibre Rudder) race. A doublehanded 105NM race with a whopping ~130 starting boats!

Co-skipping STORM was Tobias, an old friend of mine who also has an Albin Nova.We haven’ done that much doublehanded racing together, so the first manouvers we weren’t that attuned to eachother, but we progressed steadily throughout the race and had an awesome and trouble-free race in the beautiful summer night!

STORM outside Sandhamn. Photo by Stevan Sulja.

Start time 14:30 with five other boats, two of which were Novas. Nova Cappuccino took the lead right away and we fell a bit behind during the first not-so-impressive manouvers with the spinnaker. Puffy conditions with several periods of no wind at all made it tricky, and we had a great fight with the Nova Larus over the coming 20 hours.

Comfortina 32 and Albin Nova

A magic night in the Stockholm archipelago followed and we were lucky to be sailing in free wind most of the time when there was wind to talk of. The bigger boats were not that lucky, a lot more boats crowded together and I think they had less wind as well. Because of the lack of wind the race was reduced to roughly 85NM.

Gotta love sunsets like this

We crossed the finish line after 20h 22mins of sailing – this resulted in a 9th place overall! Of the six boats we started with we finished 5th, but since we had the lowest SRS we managed to beat everyone but Cappuccino on corrected time – something I’m more happy with than the overall result.