Throwback to when we rebuilt the pentry.

STORM was in OK condition when we got her, but a lot of stuff was old and the cooler especially was a useless Supercool (peltier element) relic. We decided it would be sweet with a bigger cooler and a new pentry. So we tore out the old and started building a new cooler from scratch.


We did a mockup in styrofoam to get a feeling for size and angles etc, we wanted to maximize the size of the cooler but still have good performance and minimize battery consumption.

I think we used roughly 10cm of styrofoam in the bottom, and then 5 on the side towards the hull. The cooler was then built in two “sections” with prefabricated plates with plastic on the sides. Maybe not the ideal setup for ultimate performance and an even temp, but the top shelf is nice to store vegetables etc which doesnt need to be übercool. An Isotherm ASU was mounted on the side towards the stern and the compressor in the stowage in the cockpit.

New sinks were installed together with a laminate countertop and new taps. Under the sinks we applied white paint to freshen it up and get an easy to clean surface.

The new cooler is roughly 90L, and we rarely feel the need for something bigger. All in all I’m were happy with the result and we can easily stay moored for three days without the need for shore power or charging using the engine.