Really starting to feel the need for sailing again 🙂 Haven’t sailed anything since the Kolfiberrodret race. My parents are now on their way northward aboard STORM and we will meet them on Höga Kusten (High Coast), which is a world heritage area where the land raise was immense – creating a really steep and “high coast”.

My girlfriend Hanna and I will go north by car and do some hiking for a few days before we set sail for Ulvön and the Ulvöregatta race 🙂 Really looking forward to this since I’ve heard so many good things about it. Race-wise I have no ambitions other than having a good time with Hanna who isn’t (yet) an experienced sailor and haven’t done practically any sail racing.

After the three-day-regatta we’ll do some sightseeing around the coast before heading back south, where I’ll probably be doing the last couple of legs on my own.

Höga Kusten

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